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by Tiara Deriquito

Single? Broken? Taken? Or ginanun-ganon lang? We’re pretty sure #relatemuch ka with “Charlie” as we’ve experienced any of these types of love at least once in our lives.

Grab your pens and take note of the three types of love according to “Charlie” from “Seasons”:

  1. Seasons—these are the seasonal flings you’ll come across. They bring temporary happiness and sadness. Nevertheless, they add thrill to our lives!

2. Reasons—these are the ones who come into our lives for a reason, that is, to teach us life lessons in more ways than one. These people make us realize what we like and dislike in a relationship. Do you remember someone?

3. Lifetime—this type of love is the one you won’t see coming at the most unexpected phase of your life. You won’t find yourself forcing anything because it’ll feel easy and natural. Some people got it early and others took almost a lifetime to be with their so-called “the one”. Have you already found yours?

If #relatemuch ka with the types of love mentioned above, samahan natin si “Charlie” as she explores love and life into finally finding her “lifetime”. Directed by Easy Ferrer and written by Dwein Baltazar, “Seasons” streaming this July 7, only on Netflix!

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Dominic Mangubat


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