Abdul Raman and Miggs Cuaderno play as Two Nerds in this episode of Regal Studio Presents | #RSPTheTwoNerds

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Cast: Abdul Raman, Miggs Cuaderno, Larkin Castor, AZ Martinez

Vince (Abdul) and Jansen (Miggs) are best friends who also have the reputation of being the two nerds at school. Being smart, though, does not mean that they are popular. On the contrary, their being nerds have scored them low on the social hierarchy scale, and they are far from being noticed as the cool kids in school.

They are also constantly being bullied by Renz (Larkin), one of the popular jocks, and in one class party, Renz kicks them out for being losers but forced the two to leave Jansen’s bicycle. In their hurried attempt to claim back the bike, Jansen accidentally bumps into a guy who happens to have snatched the phone owned by Angel (AZ), one of the “It” girls in campus. Thinking that the guys did something heroic for her, she invites the two to hang out with her, especially Jansen, who is suddenly infatuated with the pretty young lady.

Unfortunately, Renz plots something that will ultimately shame the two nerds, but an ingenious invention of Vince will make him uncover this sinister plan. Will Jansen and Vince be able to fight back against Renz to redeem themselves and prove that nerds can rule?

Watch the episode this Sunday 4:40PM on GMA to find out!

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Dominic Mangubat


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