Arra San Agustin “pegs” Angelina Jolie in Regal Studio Presents Fight for your Love.

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In an homage to the 80s Regal Action Movies – Arra San Agustin takes inspiration from Angelina Jolie for her Regal Studio Present Episode.

When asked “What’s her biggest fear?” the actress responded, “My biggest fear is losing my family because I can’t live without them, so I think the answer is to fight.”

Arra Agustin said she is a fighter in real life, so any challenge is ready for her to conquer and step outside her comfort zone.

She added, “If we don’t stick up for the ones we love, then what are we good for.”

When asked if given to make an action movie, she answered, “I love Angelina Jolie’s, Mr. & Mrs. Smith, Salt, and Tomb Raider. Parang ang astig kasi nila tignan kapag gumagawa sila ng action movie”

Watch the LIVE here:

You can watch Regal Studio Present: Fight for Your Love highlights and the full episode on Regal Entertainment Inc.’s YouTube Channel.


Dominic Mangubat


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