Behind-The-Scenes: Regal Studio Presents Eat Must Be Love | Almira Muhlach, Jana Taladro, Bryce Eusebio

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Before we get our hearts filled with love and kilig, here are some behind-the-scenes photos from Regal Studio Presents Eat Must Be Love.

The happy cast of Regal Studio Presents Eat Must Be Love with Director Xion Lim
Jana and Bryce with Director Xion Lim onset.
A final photo of the cast and crew in Nanay Mia’s Carinderia after pack-up

Mia (Almira) is a single mother who runs her own eatery called, “Nanay Mia’s Carinderia”, and she’s proud of what she has accomplished since through her own efforts, she was able to raise her daughter, Karla (Jana) and send her to a culinary school, expecting her daughter to continue the business someday. Karla, however, has other aspirations, and she hopes to work in a high class culinary establishment or in a hotel, which is why she’s keeping her mom’s eatery a secret to her schoolmates especially to her close friend, Henry (Bryce) who’s passionate about featuring dishes that are delicious but are yet to be discovered by many. When someone tipped Henry about Mia’s eatery, he asks Karla to join him there, at which point, Mia finds out that Karla is not proud that they own a “karinderya” but Karla will have a change of heart when Mia makes her realize how important their eatery is, and that their specialties are even being appreciated by Karla’s peers. Will Karla learn a lesson about appreciating a mother’s sacrifice?

Watch out for Regal Studio Presents: Eat Must Be Love on GMA this Sunday, 4:35PM!


Dominic Mangubat


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