Behind-The-Scenes: Regal Studio Presents Love Your Beat | Lianne Valentin and Carlo San Juan

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Before we sing our hearts out this Sunday, check out these behind-the-scenes photos from Regal Studio Presents Love Your Beat starring Lianne Valentin, Carlo San Juan, Christian Ty, Jules Indiola.


Photos by @deleteovercast

Det (Lianne) is a freelance singer whose latest gig in a bar is about to turn into a major disaster when her longtime boyfriend breaks up with her again for the seventh time. She becomes so upset and depressed that she wasn’t even able to finish her set, turning off the audience for being so drunk. Her now-ex boyfriend also happened to be her guitarist but had to be immediately replaced so Ian (Carlo) came into the picture, as hired Det’s friend, Ruel. Det has not even acknowledged the presence of Ian when she eventually breaks down, with the bar’s manager deciding to grant them their last show the following week. This does not go well with Ian who went on board in the hope that a series of gigs will help him with his financial woes. Det becomes so self-absorbed with her relationship crisis but Ian, despite his irritation towards their current work situation, manages to make Det snap out of her drunk spell, and the two eventually get along. Will their hearts beat as one?

Watch out for the FIRST Anniversary Special of Regal Studio Presents: Love your Beat! Sunday, 4:35PM on GMA!


Dominic Mangubat


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