Chuckie Dreyfus: “Regal Studio Presents: My Father’s Song is Not Your Typical Drama”

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Chuckie Dreyfus says that this week’s episode of Regal Studio Presents is not your typical noontime drama.

When asked what’s his biggest takeaway from filming Regal Studio Presents My Father’s Song the actor responded, “Ang tumatak sa akin siguro, how realistic it is. Hindi siya katulad ng drama na iniiisip mo na lupasay, hagulgol, sabunutan… No, it’s not like that.”

Chuckie Dreyfus said that this week’s episode is more realistic and what actually happens in real life…. Painful but not “OA”

Ang tampo ng anak sa ama, ang ama na nanunuyo nangangamba the sense of longing… ‘Yung ayaw mo umiyak pero nakakarelate ka sa moment na parang gusto ng pumutok ng dibdib mo sa lungkot.’ he added.

You immediately notice the tension, the misunderstanding of Michelle (Cassy Legaspi) and Jay just by looking at each other in this week’s episode.

Watch the full interview here:

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