“Kayla,” played by Mika Reins in Mano Po Legacy: The Flower Sisters, is feisty, classy, and not afraid of anyone

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What can you say about “Kayla,” the standout onscreen character that Mika Reins is portraying in the newest installment of “Mano Po’s Legacy”? 
Indeed, “Kayla” is one tough cookie, to put it eloquently, because although her screen time may not be a lot, each time she is on, eyes are becoming glued to the television because viewers now realize that “Hey, Mika Reins can act, she has a certain presence, and she brings more life to each scene that is on.”

From the beginning, when I saw Mika Reins, I knew she was not your run-of-the-mill new actress and that there was something there, and from my experience of being around girls like Mika Reins when I was in high school and college, I knew right there and then that she fit in that mold. It can sometimes misinterpret a mold of appropriately classy girls who speak their minds as something else, but they are simply the way they are. Most often than not, they can rub people the wrong way with their oozing confidence, which can appear brazen.

As “Mano Po Legacy: The Flower Sisters” episodes play out, we are getting more familiar with who exactly “Kayla” is.For one, she has become closer friends with her “step-cousin” Petersen; no, that is not a typo; some people have real cousins with whom they are not tight and have little respect for one another, but with “Kayla,” she has found common ground with “Petersen.” Plus, “Kayla” has got to know “Iris” who is her legitimate step-cousin. And right from the get-go, “Kayla” and “Iris” have now allied after they both have experienced firsthand the true nature of Violet, which is that she is a terrible human being, almost as if she was the spawn of the Devil. 
Indeed, as the old saying goes, “The enemy of my enemy is my friend.” 

When I think of it, the onscreen character of Mika Reins, “Kayla,” is not one-dimensional. There are layers to her and a certain complexity that, as a viewer, would make you want to learn more about her.

Honestly, sometimes it feels good to be wrong, I should know, and with Mika Reins, she is enjoying being the feisty, classy, and fearless “Kayla.” Her first significant role, and from what I have been seeing, her breakout role, will tell everyone that Mika Reins is here to stay and that her prime-time television series debut is the beginning of her showbiz career.


Aileen Domingo


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