LOOK: Regal Studio Presents Mama’s Joy will make your hearts flutter this Sunday!

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Here’s an exclusive sneak peek on the episode!

Joy (Althea) is a senior high school student who seems to have it all figured out at her young age – the course she will take in college, her dream school, her dream career, and a blissful life with her boyfriend Ino who she intends to marry someday. She lives happily with her mom, Charlotte (Tanya), a restaurant manager who is also a single mother. They have become so close that they relate to each other like bestfriends so they are very open with each other. Charlotte has no problem reaching out to her daughter, and Joy knows that her mother will always be open and honest with her no matter what. Joy’s future plans will one day be disrupted when Ino breaks up with her, telling her that he needs to be certain first of what he wants in life. Joy is shocked by this, and though she is comforted by Charlotte, she must figure out how to move on, and when she gets to speak to their family friend Tonyo, who also happens to be the father of Ino, the situation becomes awkward because he also happens to have developed a romantic relationship with Charlotte that Joy is unaware of. It will also come as a surprise to Joy when she finds out that Charlotte is pregnant, and this will complicate their once perfect mother-daughter relationship.

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Dominic Mangubat


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