Love at FIRST HOLDAP? This week’s episode of Regal Studio Presents will definitely STEAL your hearts!

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Holdaper, na-in love sa hinoldap?! Kakaibang love story ‘to!

Lorenz (Yasser) is a delivery boy who is just waiting for a call to start his career as a seaman.

The problem is, he is in dire need of financial assistance because of his mother’s health condition. He becomes so desperate that he took on the suggestion of his housemate friend, Patrick to resort to stealing – by agreeing to do a hold-up operation targeting jeepney passengers.

Although extremely reluctant, he was convinced to do the deed but as they were about to execute their plan, Lorenz encounters Marian (Kate) and was taken aback by her beauty, and it appears to be love at first sight. The whole operation failed but Lorenz can’t seem to get over the pretty lady in the jeepney.

To his surprise, Marian suddenly appears at their boarding house as their new housemate, and Lorenz finds it difficult to contain his feelings, and tries to be close to Marian even if inside, he still feels guilty about what he attempted to do to her. But what if Marian finds out that the guy who she finds to be sweet and caring, is the same person who gave her a scare? Will this end the romance between the two?

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Dominic Mangubat


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