Mano Po Legacy: The Flower Sisters – Episode 7: “The Chua-Tan brothers’ rivalry ” recap 

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In the first scene, we see Dahlia and Elvin in Belinda’s hospital room. We then see Dahlia going through papers, and one of them is the medical assistance from the mayor’s office to help her with the medical needs her stepmother would need. Elvin is wondering why Dahlia needs to go to the mayor’s office for further financial aid when she is already with Crestmont under Lily Chua. Dahlia, in her own mindset, claims that she is a taxpayer, and she should take advantage of any perks or benefits she can claim. Dahlia refuses to ask for any further financial help that can be loaned to her, which she will have to pay off through hard work from Lily.

Next scene, we are now at Aurora’s house, and we see Iris doing her own renovations by painting Violet’s cabinet doors white. Iris requests more old newspapers from the household help; only next do we see Aurora come in and be shocked to see what exactly Iris is doing. Iris gets scolded for her impromptu renovation without asking her permission first if she could actually do it or not, and she is reprimanded for it. But when Iris humbles herself and apologizes, then things lighten up enough that they both share a laugh after a witty response from Iris, they hug it out.In the following scene, we are in Lily’s house, in their dining room, about to eat lunch, and we see her youngest son Andrew and her husband Redmond sitting, and Lily calls the maid to have Petersen come down since he is still asleep in his room to join them and eat as one family.
Redmond advises Lily not to have Petersen come down to eat with them since the possible reason he is still sleeping was that he was out with his friends, but Lily figuratively lays down the law of the household that she is her mother, and they must follow her. Here comes Petersen, miserable as ever, basically being a deadbeat and complains right away that it is a no-school day, and he wants to sleep more, essentially, but Lily reiterates to him that she must eat with them because he has to go with his Andrew to a debate and this annoys Petersen, but after some persistent convincing to Petersen by Lily, he reluctantly agrees to which Redmond out of nowhere decides to leave the table as if he lost his appetite suddenly. He leaves, and Lily tells her two boys to eat. Awkwardness seems to run in Lily’s household, she is the only one, and Andrew, who are normal. In the succeeding scene, we are at Aurora’s house. We then see Iris continuing to paint the cabinet doors of Violet’s room while she is listening to music with her headphones, the maid walks in, and Iris puts down her headphones, the maid then compliments Iris 

for her outfit, she then tells Iris to get dressed up because they are going out. 

Iris does not really understand what she is trying to say with her broken English and some comedy ensues because Iris is getting lost in translation with what exactly the kind-hearted household help is trying to tell Iris to do, but she pulled it off by throwing whatever English words she knew to the point Iris finally got it already.We then go to the next scene in a different household, in the house of Lily in the room of Andrew, we see him and Petersen getting dressed up to go to the regional debate that will be held in which Andrew is a participant. Andrew expresses his excitement for this, exudes a positive vibe about it and can’t wait to get there as soon as possible. Petersen upon hearing all his positivity seems to have a bit of a calming result on him as his negative energy has dwindled. They do some future planning in their conversation with Andrew, revealing that if he and his teammates win that they would be able to fly to Singapore to compete in the finals. Then, he reveals to Petersen that when that happens he would be able to choose the school of his choosing for enrollment in a Law School because he wants to be a lawyer. 
After hearing all these future planning, this amuses Petersen and scoffs at him for wishing to be a lawyer someday. In his already clouded mind, he assumes that the only reason why Andrew wants to become a lawyer is that their mother wanted him and too, and this was a profession that apparently Lily hoped to be in the past. 
Next, Andrew defends Lily, rightfully, so, and tells him she is the one paying for their tuition and that whatever she wants them to be should be followed. And, Petersen says something disturbing and alarming to Andrew, he said maybe he should become a lawyer so that he could be the one to “bail him” out and legally represent him when there are lawsuits and demands thrown against him and with a sick one-liner saying, he would surely give him a discount. The disturbed look on Andrew was so well shown and illustrated here, and his response was correct. Dismay and disgust!
We now are checking up on Belinda, we go back to the hospital room where she is confined with Elvin accompanying her. She is up and awake, but still frail. As soon as the nurse leaves, Dahlia inquires about the financial aid from the Mayor’s office that Dahlia has requested. Elvin informs Dahlia that he will be the one to “walk the papers” instead because there might not be anyone in the Mayor’s office at the time Dahlia tried to get the financial aid, and he should be the one responsible for it. 
Again, Belinda is expressing guilt for having this feeling she has given Dahlia more things to worry about, but her emotional guilt is misplaced as we have seen thus far in the previous episodes that Dahlia is a wonderful person, and Dahlia loves her like a real mother. She then seemingly has given Elvin her last and final wishes for them, which are for Elvin to be good to Dahlia, to take care of her, and to treat her right. Elvin agrees but reassures Belinda to not say those things yet. Basically, in his way, Elvin is telling Belinda to stay strong and recover and be around still for their relationship to blossom.
In next new scene, we see Iris in the house of Violet having her chit-chat with the kind-hearted but hilarious household help, then we see Kayla enter the frame and ask Iris who are you? The household help informs Kayla that Iris is her Auntie. Right away, they strike a bond and friendship with their similar dislike for Violet. Then, in the next sequence in the same scene, we see Iris and Kayla sitting at the bar stools of the kitchen getting to know each other more while drinking water with a slice of lemon in it, yup, I am detailed in recapping, now, here comes trouble with Violet spotting the two talking with the household help by her side, Violet is displeased but not angry as she always is, and asks Iris, what the hell is she doing there? 
Kayla being the stick of dynamite she is and who is not at all intimidated by Violet gives her a snarky response which is more patronizing than anything that she is a guest and should not be treated in that way. Kayla uses her head some more to get out of another sticky situation with Violet and invites her to go up to her room. Iris happily agrees and advises her household help, which is Aurora’s, to wait for her and not go home without her. 
They causally walk in front of Violet. Oh wow! What a moment here with the top 3 combustible elements in this series. (Violet, Iris, and Kayla). Honestly, these three ladies have made this series such a joy to watch. They have personality, style, and attitude, most of all. 
In the following sequence in the same scene, we see Violet get her smartphone to call Aurora, furious that the bastard child, Iris was sent over to her house by her mother. Now, Aurora tells her that Iris has to meet new friends and people which is why she was sent there. She then compliments Kayla, to which only further infuriates Violet. Now, Aurora, who has better things to do with her time than to listen to her whiny ungrateful hot head of daughter, reminds her that she has to prepare for their launch, Violet warns her that she does not want to see Violet there, to which Aurora tells her, she believes she has no interest to be there. Aurora drops the call with Violet rolling her eyes. Man, even without saying a word Violet is annoying and infuriating.

Following that “interesting” scene, we go to 1985, flashback time, and we see Leopoldo doing some paperwork when Aurora comes in with a banana dessert and gives it to him, to which Leopoldo’s first reaction was that Aurora was having him taste test a brand-new item they are adding to the goods they are selling in the convenience store, and he tells her this would be difficult to put out on time if there were going to be a lot of customers. But he stands corrected by Aurora, who said that this was for him and for him to eat and that she made it. 

Aurora is making a move to win Leopoldo’s heart, although his late wife and the mother of their firstborn daughter, Lily, Carmen, has died. She flirts with Leopoldo all along while she is sitting at the table where he is eating. There are many sexual innuendos, but they are subtle and only hint at what might happen next. Just as things are about to get more clear, young Felino arrives, worried, to inform him that his half-sister, Divina, is at his house. 

Felino does not know why? We then go to the house of Leopoldo, and he is with Aurora; here is Divina, still in the same attire she wore while traveling back to Leopoldo’s house, with her luggage still unopened in what looks like a place near the balcony of Leopoldo’s house. Divina informs him that she came back home to express her sympathies with the passing of Carmen, and then she proceeds to sense and feel that something is happening between him and Aurora. 

Divina tests the waters here with a series of questions, one of which is, “Where is Leopoldo’s daughter, Lily?” Leopoldo informs Divina that she is taking piano recital lessons, to which she replies that she is old enough to come home on her own. Then, Divina tells Aurora, who works as a housekeeper, to go get Lily and bring her home, which Leopoldo clearly doesn’t like. Next, as soon as Aurora leaves. Divina looks down at Leopoldo, as if to say, “You should be ashamed of yourself now that Carmen has died.” Divina reassures Leopoldo that she knows what he is truly up to and has been doing it all along with Aurora.

At present, we see Kayla and Iris walking out of Violet’s house, and right behind them is Violet, irate as always, demanding to know where they are going. Iris, still showing a bit of respect to Violet, tells her that Aurora wants her to see other places, basically to go mailing, which Kayla, of course, is game for. 

They mention going to BGC, which is a high-end area that would perfectly suit Kayla and Iris. Violet stops them from going out, informing them that the car they will be using is hers and that this is her house. At once, she responds with her own snappy rebuttal, and the arguments begin between the two of them, with Iris eventually joining in, making it a melee of three of the toughest onscreen characters here for personalities. 

The tense verbal tussle ends with Iris giving the final verbal jab at her, comparing her to a blood-sucking tick and saying that it is Violet who lives in her world, not the other way around. Violet did not respond. I honestly thought there was going to be a catfight here. This round goes to Iris and Kayla.

Next, Iris and Kayla are having a non-alcoholic drink at a popular hangout spot, and Kayla asks Iris if she drinks. To which Iris replies, “Yes, and as often as she wants.” Now, Kayla is encouraged by that response from Iris and wants to invite her to meet her girlfriends, which Iris agrees to. Next, Kayla asks her if she has met her cousin, Pete, short for Petersen, and Iris says yes, she has, and she claims he is chill. 

That encouraged Kayla to give Petersen a call. Next, we are taken to the location where the debate is happening, with Andrew at the front giving his debate. We then hear the smartphone of Petersen suddenly ring. Petersen goes out to know why Kayla has called and tried to invite him out with them, but Petersen informs Kayla she will be with them next time around. The conversation ends. While this happens, Petersen misses the part where Andrew has ended his debate part and received a resounding ovation. Next, Kayla wonders if Iris would want to join their party later. Violet turns down the invitation, citing the boredom she would feel if she went.

Here is another flashback to 1985. We are now in Leopoldo’s house, in his dining room, with his half-sister, Divina, about to have dinner, and Aurora makes herself at home, literally, by setting a plate of food on the dining table and sitting across from Leopoldo and directly in front of Divina. This right away sets alarm bells off in the head of Divina on why the household help feels so welcome and free at home to sit with them and have dinner with them. The next thing that happens opens up a can of worms that just causes a complete meltdown of feelings, hurt, and pain from both of their pasts. 

This becomes so foul and below the belt for Divina that she bursts into tears and tries to slap the face of Leopoldo, who restrains her and warns her that if she does it again, she will be thrown out of the house head first, just like her mother was! How would I describe this very tense encounter between the stepsiblings? Foul-mouthed and explicit.

Moments after we see Leopoldo comforting an emotional Aurora, who is considering leaving because she finally senses that she is not welcome by Divina; Leopoldo is perhaps not thinking clearly and is not considering the long-term consequences of his next question, asking Aurora, of all things, if she wants to be Ms. Chua? To which she says yes, and they hug it out. The scene ends with a focused shot of the face of Leopoldo shedding a tear but with a faraway look in his eyes, indicating he is in a world of trouble for having an affair with Aurora, who is a household help originally that his late wife, Carmen, trusted, hired and who now has become the bane of Leopoldo’s step-sister Divina. Seriously, Leopoldo is burning bridges left and right. He has no moral compass.
Now we’re focusing on the brothers: Andrew and Petersen are together as Andrew appears to be a little down, only to have won second place, and Petersen tries to cheer him up for a change, which is a welcome change of mood for Petersen as this moment proves he can be a nice guy if he wanted to or felt like it. Then, Sir Julius, who was there in the debate as one of the judges, greets Petersen and is surprised to see him there, but perhaps in a lack of discretion and sensitivity, he brings up that Petersen was in his class two years ago and cites the differences between Petersen and Andrew for their academics. This upsets Petersen, who storms off, leaving Andrew and Sir Julius. In the next sequence within the same scene, we see Kayla dropping off Iris and complimenting her for their fun bonding time as an aunt and niece. 
Finally, someone mentioned how close their ages are to each other, and it was Kayla who mentioned how cool it was to have an aunt who is so close to her age. She then presses Iris to join the launch tomorrow, to which she gives a response of contemplation. They greet each other goodbye, and that is it for them in this episode. That was a wonderful moment there between Iris and Kayla because it proves that they can be the best of friends or enemies; it just so happened that they gelled right away and have a common personality trait. And, they both hate Violet with conviction. 
Now, in the final scene, we see Andrew and Petersen about to enter Lily’s house, and Andrew is sad and disappointed that he only finished second in the debate, but instead of being comforted by Petersen, this irritates him and plays into his own emotional issues and insecurities, which are causing him to be very insecure of himself to Andrew. He reminds Andrew that he will always be better than him in the eyes of their parents and that he will always be playing second fiddle to him. Petersen enters the house and leaves Andrew. Upon hearing all these hurtful words, the gentler, kinder, and more emotionally stable Andrew ends up sitting down on the steps as if it felt like a ton of bricks had fallen on him.


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