Mano Po Legacy: The Flower Sisters – Episode 8: “Creation of the Leopoldo Chua Foundation” recap

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In the opening scene, we see Iris and Aurora having breakfast at the dining table of Aurora’s house. She asks Iris how her bonding with Kayla went yesterday. Iris responded quickly and directly, saying it was fine. A facial expression of being grateful is on the face of Aurora, as she knows that Iris and Kayla would get along. Aurora then informs Iris that she has to go out later, to which Iris replies, “About the launch, she does not say more; perhaps she is waiting for a formal invitation from Aurora.”
Instead, she tells Iris that she would likely not enjoy it. She then changes the topic and asks Iris, “Has she finished painting her room?” Take note: At this point, Aurora does not refer to the room being renovated as the “old room of Violet,” but simply as “her room.” Iris says she still needs to finish, and Aurora tells her she should finish it, so she can do something during the day. There is some peace, which is rare for the Chua household, and the scene ends.
In the next scene, we see Iris in her room, on her bed. When Kayla enters her room, she is already dressed, looking awesome, and ready to party. Right away, Iris knows why Kayla is there and tells her that her mother does not want her to be there, to which Kayla is quick to correct Iris that Violet is only her stepmother. Iris clarifies that she does not wish to have any “family drama!” Then, Kayla lets her know that her stepmother, Violet, only loves to brag and is not truly tough. She follows that up by declaring to Iris that she is not intimidated by Violet because she does not let her abrasive behavior get to her. After a few seconds of reflection for Iris, she then informs Kayla to give her some time to get dressed up, to which Kayla tells her to take her time so that she can be beautiful.
We are then at the University of Asia Pacific for the launch of the Leopoldo Foundation Building and the groundbreaking ceremony. We see Aurora and Lily on the stage, commencing the ceremony. We see a wide shot of the people watching, and in attendance, we see Redmond, Julian, Violet, and Felino.
Next, in the same scene, we have a moderator speaking in Chinese, informing everyone in attendance of the significance of the launch of the Leopoldo Foundation Building. This time the atmosphere and setting are more laid-back and relaxed, encouraging the people in attendance to mingle and interact with each other more.
Then, we see a familiar face from the past making his presence felt, someone who happens to be one of the most famous on-screen characters from “Mano Po Legacy: The Family Fortune.” It is Kenneth Chan. He arrived alone. Soon, here comes Kayla, who knows who Kenneth Chan is—probably a close friend or family friend of theirs. Soon, we see a curious Iris looking to see who Kayla is talking to. Kayla introduces her auntie to Kenneth, which gets a bewildered response from him, but Kayla calmly explains it is a long story and to take things for what they are.
There are some instant similarities between Iris and Kenneth, like how he was also raised in America; unlike Iris, who came from the States and is brand new to the country, Kenneth Chan has been in the country for a year already. Kayla informs them that she has to excuse herself for the time being because she has to fetch Petersen to join them. Then Petersen arrives, and from a distance, Kenneth notices a fuming Violet and excuses himself from the tense situation. Here comes Violet, wondering why Iris is also here! Iris responds properly, insisting she is a Chua as well.
Technically, she is correct, but she is pushing it with Violet’s patience. Kayla and Petersen could do nothing to appease or make Violet calmer, but, interestingly enough, as soon as Kenneth Chan comes back to join Kayla, Iris, and Petersen, Violet at once bails out, changes her mood, and does not want Kenneth Chan to hear anything she has to say or what she has been saying to Iris. But, Violet does send her regards to the family of Kenneth Chan.
Clearly, Violet is wise enough to not offend or get Kenneth Chan, who is from another prominent Chinese-Filipino family, involved in the trouble she has started with her own family and extended family members as well. Without question, Violet is picking her battles. Perhaps she is aware that the family of Kenneth Chan is one clan that she herself cannot handle when lines are crossed with them.
Next, we see Kayla introducing Iris to her relatives and extended family members, which is a polite gesture from Kayla to Iris, who really has become the peacemaker between Iris and Violet on several past occasions, getting her out of tense or worsening situations. Then, here comes the designated photographer, who encourages everyone present to take the group family picture, then, out of her jurisdiction, asks Iris who she really is. Not realizing on Iris’ part that Melanie the photographer has been observing, spreading gossip, and basically being a “fake,” because alongside her two friends, they were monitoring Iris all along when she was with Kayla,
Fortunately, Violet was present to see through the photographer’s nonsense, brush her off, and put her back in her place, which is to mind her own damn business.
That is probably the first time I am grateful Violet was present to ward off the photographer, who would likely spread and circulate the photos she has of the family. and, especially, Violet. In the Philippines, there is a term for people like that.
In the next scene, the moderator puts the festivities back on track and invites Ms. Aurora Chua, the matriarch of the Chua Clan by default, to the stage. She gives an excellent speech, mentioning how the foundation of her late husband, Leopoldo Chua, will be about honoring his legacy by beginning the construction of the College of Commerce Building. Then, we get an instant flashback to probably the mid-80s, with Leopoldo and Aurora in their youth, posing for their wedding photos in the church. They have gotten married, and the young Aurora wonders why Leopoldo’s half-sister, Divina, did not attend their wedding.
Then, in the present time, during the speech of Aurora, we see the back of a woman’s head blocking our view of Aurora, who is on the stage; gradually, Aurora recognizes the mysterious figure; then, we get looks from the people in attendance; she starts clapping and gives a stinging line with so much bravado and gall, telling everyone, and I am paraphrasing what she said, “To one great man, my brother, and all the women in her life!”
Aurora is at a loss for words because this mysterious person, who is unknown to almost everyone in attendance, suddenly showed up in her life again. Who exactly is this person from her past? Divina, who is the mysterious half-sister of the late Leopoldo Chua, makes her grand debut out of nowhere! 


Aileen Domingo


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