Maxine Medina and Elijah Alejo plays Mother and Daughter in this Sizzling Episode of Regal Studio Presents..

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Lecel (Elijah) is a teenager who lives in the shadow of her mom, Sonya (Maxine) who used to be a model in her younger days, and even posed for a men’s magazine. Even as a mom, Sonya seems to have retained her attractive physique, and guys are still drawn to her beauty.

Sonya even tries to encourage her daughter to spruce up her look but Lecel acts uninterested, and gets easily irritated when her friends compliment her mom’s look. She cheers up when her longtime friend, Andrei (Josh) visits from Cebu, who is also excited to see Lecel, and particularly takes interest in meeting Sonya since he has another motive – to have her sign a copy of the men’s magazine with Sonya on the cover. Lecel and Andrei seem to enjoy their time together, and Lecel obviously has a big crush on Andrei which Sonya notices, and helps her daughter improve her look to also boost her confidence.

Upon seeing this, Andrei appears surprised but Lecel will be more shocked when she catches her crush going to her mom to have the magazine signed. How will this affect the relationship of Sonya and Lecel? Does Andrei really like Lecel, or is more drawn to his friend’s mom?

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Dominic Mangubat


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