Proof that Lorraine Wong can slay any outfit style *a must try *

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by Gillian Bilgera

When we travel, we must bring outfits to look good in every country we visit. Lorraine Wong is living proof that we can rock any outfit we wear as long as we know how to style it! These are the must-try outfits while travelling outside the country.

Grunge look while travelling? Lorraine is rocking her all-black outfit in Taiwan. Long sleeves paired with a skirt are a must-try outfit if you plan to travel this year.

Another Taiwan look from Lorraine, which is so simple yet chic, with her sleeveless grey dress giving you a fresh look.

Off-duty model outfit as a travel outfit? Lorraine can also do that! In Paris, give you a plain tank top paired with skinny denim jeans for that plain yet flaunting curves look.

Street style is a must-look when travelling, and it is also convenient while doing shopping. Lorraine slayed with her oversized tee and shorts for that street-style travel look.

Lorraine can slay any outfit wears. Girly look? No problem. She is killing looks in Singapore, wearing her floral dress and giving you that sweet girl travel look.

Watch Lorraine this April! #TheDayILovedYou is directed by Easy Ferrer, DGPI same director of Regal Entertainment’s #BenXJim that aired last October 15, 2020, on their YouTube Channel, gathering over 36 million views worldwide.

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