Real-life couple Paul Salas and Mikee Quintos will be headlining Regal Studio Presents’ 2023 Valentine’s Offering

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Ang dapat na romantic trip, naging bad trip?! Bakit kasi may plus one sa honeymoon?!

Margo (Mikee) and Nicolas (Paul) are newlyweds who are on their way to their honeymoon at the dream hotel that Margo asked Nicolas to book. She will be shocked to find out that Nicolas booked the wrong dates so they suddenly find themselves with no accommodation. Nicolas then gets to find another venue where they can push through with their honeymoon, and as it turns out, the resort is owned by his long-time friend, Billie (Sarah).

Margo is left with no choice but to go along and stay at Billie’s resort. However, a series of blunders and mishaps happen every time Billie attempts to help out the couple, and the romantic honeymoon is suddenly turning out to be a nightmare. Margo also suspects that Billie is trying to ruin their honeymoon as she seems to be too attached to Nicolas.

Margo will soon discover that there is more to their stay in the resort than what she would have expected, but it appears that the newlyweds are off to a rocky start. Can things still be turned around to make the honeymoon work in the end?

Directed by Bobby Bonifacio, written by Clarissa Navarro, FSG this Sunday, 4:35PM sa GMA!

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