Regal Baby, Mika Reins starts the year 2023 with these stunning beach photos!

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Having a vacation mode at the beginning of the year sounds great, doesn’t it?

A sunny beach in Pangasinan welcomed Regal Baby Mika Reins’ first days of 2023! In a cute bikini, the actress showed off her #BodyGoals!

2022 was an excellent year for Mika Reins, for it was her debut year in the Showbiz Industry. Her debut role was Lua in Regal Studio Presents Raya Sirena. After a successful debut, she played Kayla Chua Gomez, Beauty Gonzales’ stepdaughter, in Mano Po Legacy The Flower Sisters. What Regal project would you like to see Mika Reins in?



Dominic Mangubat


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