‘Regal Studio Presents’ first anniversary is a celebration of entertainment that surpasses expectations

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There was always that feeling that Regal would make a comeback on television and when it did happen it could not have happened on a better channel than with GMA Network. After all, Regal has a long history with GMA Network, and there always has been a working relationship between them. Many stars of GMA Network from the past and to the present have appeared in Regal. Now it can be said that Regal’s stars called ‘Regal Babies’ are benefiting from this arrangement with them having appeared in some of the best shows on GMA Network. That right there is a working relationship.
Now, more than ever, the partnership of Regal Entertainment, Inc. and GMA Network when it comes to releasing original content on television is stronger than ever with the successful primetime television series ‘Mano Po Legacy’ installments and the self-contained multi-genre series ‘Regal Studio Presents’ which is a hotbed for new, upcoming, and below-the-radar talents that deserve to get discovered getting to co-star with some of the best talents of GMA Network. There is no question that the success of ‘Regal Studio Presents’ has been proven when the first spin-off happened with ‘Raya Sirena’ starring Allen Ansay and Sofia Pablo (Team Jolly) of GMA Network. Who knows what will the next spin-off will be? There are so many episodes to choose from. 
When you revisit or rewatch any of the past episodes of ‘Regal Studio Presents’ they all are memorable in their respective ways. Each episode has different cast members coming from both GMA Network and Regal Entertainment, Inc. It is never a question if the episode will be entertaining, but rather how entertaining it will be. Many episodes are full of highlights and scenes that show the proper utilization of young actors showing their potential. Indeed, ‘Regal Studio Presents’ is a show wherein you can show everyone how good you are as an actor and why you deserve to be given big breaks. 
The show itself has been five seasons, full of episodes that are entertaining, different, fresh, and unique on their own. Despite the varying genres, the Regal stamp is always felt with each episode that has been shown. It is almost a given that each time viewers watch an episode of ‘Regal Studio Presents’ they can already discern it comes from Regal. 
Why so? It is because there is a level of professionalism, technical expertise, and overall quality that can be equated to a Regal-produced movie embodied in each episode of ‘Regal Studio Presents’. In many ways, it does feel like you are watching a movie on television condensed into less than an hour. There is that sheen, aesthetic, and gloss in all the episodes because in the entertainment industry Regal is one of the best to ever do it. That alone is a legacy being continued via ‘Regal Studio Presents’. 
It should come to no one’s surprise that ‘Regal Studio Presents’ has reached its first anniversary because it is made by some of the best in the entertainment industry. The future is bright for ‘Regal Studio Presents’.

When you are a viewer at home searching for something to watch that is truly worth the time on a Sunday afternoon, there is a gem of a show being aired every Sunday, at 4:35 pm on GMA Network that is sure to surpass your expectations. That is no other than ‘Regal Studio Presents’.


Aileen Domingo


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