Seven bikini looks from Lienel Navidad that you should try this summer!

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by Gillian Bilgera

Summer is here, and it’s bringing heat to everyone. Have you planned your summer getaway? How about outfits like bikinis or swimsuits? If not, do not worry because Lienel Navidad is here to save your hot summer girl era!

1. This crisscross bikini is a must-try piece if you want to flaunt your sexy body to achieve that hot girl summer look

2. Does your summer getaway include surfing? Then this is the swimsuit you’re looking for!

3. If you’re looking for a simple bikini, don’t worry Lienel has got you covered! She is wearing a plain black bikini and just added her waist chain and earring!

4. Who said no one could rock an unmatched bikini? You can also try to experiment at home and match the unmatched and pair it with white long sleeves.

5. Another simple triangle bikini from Lienel that everyone definitely has on their summer closet

6. This two piece should be in your luggage to channel your inner hot girl summer look!

7. If you’re not comfortable enough to wear triangle tops, here’s another look from Lienel which is a croptop paired with criss cross bottoms that still shows your sexy body.

What are you waiting for? Run to your nearest bikini stores, check those bikini items on your cart or you can look for anything in your closet and rock your inner summer girl looks!

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