Tanya Garcia’s Relatable MOMents on Mano Po Legacy the Flower Sisters

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Tanya Garcia played the role of Marilou in the recent Mano Po Legacy: The Flower Sisters. Here are her most remarkable scenes in the series that we can #relate:

  1. As Mom who’s always looking out for her daughter

“Kaya ikaw Iris kailangan mo mag-ingat, kailangan kilalanin mo talaga ang mga lalaki na iyan. Di mo alam kung ano talaga mga pakay nila”

2. A Protective and A Mom who cares

“Iris, please don’t get attached to your life here in the Philippines. Temporary lang lahat ng iyon.”

3. A Mom who’s good in making advices!

“Perfect relationship? Are you kidding me? Perfect relationship e, you have to work together to make it work”

3. Practical and always know what to do

“For One Hundred Million you can have all the extra Isaw that you want”

5. A Mom who wants only the best for her daughter

   “Iris, kaya nga kita pinanganak sa states because I want a good life for you”

Watch out for her this week on Regal Studio Presents with Althea Ablan, 4:35PM on GMA!

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Dominic Mangubat


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