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Regal asks Aiko Melendez, Thea Tolentino and Angel Guardian what it means for them to be the leading ladies of the soon-to-be-aired primetime television series ‘Mano Po Legacy: The Flower Sisters’ on GMA Network

The soon-to-be-aired primetime television series ‘Mano Po Legacy: The Flower Sisters’ on GMA Network signals another gathering of the stars from both camps and that can only happen when Regal is in the equation. Expect ‘Mano Po Legacy: The Flower Sisters’ to be engaging in its storyline, timeless in its themes, memorable in its choice of onscreen characters, and a fine addition to the ever growing legacy that Regal is able to make with its legendary “Mano Po” series of movies, now turned television series, with its third installment on the way. 

There is no doubt that this is going to be big. Anticipated by everyone. Awaited by the industry for the overall superior quality it will bring. Regal invites all viewers to stay tuned for ‘Mano Po Legacy: The Flower Sisters’ and be enthralled once more when it makes its nationwide premiere on GMA Network. 

In the meanwhile, Regal was able to ask a very important question to Aiko Melendez, Thea Tolentino and Angel Guardian. Their answers to our question will reveal to everyone what it means to them to be part of this legendary entertainment franchise that depicts accurately and realistically the Filipino-Chinese culture in the Philippines, and how it continues to evolve over time, in the now turned prime television series on GMA Network. 

How did you feel when you were chosen to become a leading cast member for the third installment of ‘Mano Po Legacy’? Did you feel any pressure? 
Aiko Melendez –  I am very blessed. I am very excited to work with Beauty Gonzalez because we were supposed to work on a big project after “Prima Donnas,” which did not materialize. I have wanted to work with her. So, thank you to Regal and GMA 7, for making it come true. This time we will be able to work together in “The Flower Sisters.” In this series, the viewers will be surprised because I will not be a kontrabida this time. Therefore, this will be quite a challenge for me, and I am already thinking about how I should attack my role here.
Furthermore, this will be my first appearance in a “Mano Po” series, whether in the movies or on TV episodes. “The Flower Sisters” is going to be very interesting. It is about a family of four sisters, each with, each with a very distinctive personality. That being the case, expect that there will be a lot of personality clashes. “The Flower Sisters” is written by no less than Director Jose Javier Reyes, so watch out for the verbal brickbats Beauty and I will be throwing at each other. I am a CEO here and the richest among us sisters. I am the one running our entire corporation.  

Beauty Gonzales – Thank you for the trust, REGAL and GMA! I am so excited to work again for television and especially this is an important role for Mano Po. I can’t wait for our taping days and hopefully the audience will love the powerful characters of the series.

Thea Tolentino –  No doubt, I was so excited. After all, this is “Mano Po,” a top-rated series of movies, then. And now it will be a TV series. Even my friends are so happy that now they will be able to watch “Mano Po” online, and it’s always trending. So this is a big deal for me to be part of such a big project. The storyline is well thought out and laid out. And what I am most happy about is that I am a part of a project whose cast members are excellent actors.
Angel Guardian – I sent an audition video for this while we were in Korea doing a show. So when I learned I got selected, it was truly unbelievable. At the time, I did not know who the other cast members would be. So when I learned  who the others are, and knowing they are heavy hitters in the industry, it was pretty overwhelming for me. It certainly puts a lot of pressure on me because this will be my first lead role in “The Flower Sisters.” I did not know how I would contain my emotion when I was I was told I had been chosen.


Aileen Domingo


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