The third installment of ‘Mano Po Legacy’ is on its way

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‘Mano Po Legacy: The Flower Sisters’ will take viewers into the Chinese-Filipino culture, dynamics, and family drama. The onscreen characters may change, the timelines may change, the stories may change, but what remains constant in all of the installments, sequels, versions, permutations, and off-shoots of ‘Mano Po’ in movies and television is the connection it always has with its viewers and moviegoers. Indeed, ‘Mano Po’ already has a firm connection to the psyche of people in the Philippines. 

It is virtually impossible to know anyone who has not heard of ‘Mano Po’! 

To have acted in ‘Mano Po’ means to be ingrained into the Filipino moviegoers’ psyche already. That is why it is to no one’s surprise why the third installment of ‘Mano Po’ on television entitled: ‘Mano Po Legacy: The Flower Sisters’ have signaled another gathering of virtually the who’s who in showbiz right now, specifically those who are in GMA Network and Regal Entertainment, Inc. 

Here are the names of the main cast members: Aiko Melendez, Beauty Gonzalez, Thea Tolentino, and Angel Guardian. All heavy hitters in their own right! Imagine having these four big names joined by a capable and promising supporting cast of actors coming from the talent rosters of Regal Entertainment, Inc. and GMA Network. It will be another impressive round-up of actors that will bring their A-Game into this one because as much as ‘Mano Po’ has a legacy of its own on, the actors know that their being a part of the third installment will surely help to cement their legacy in their own right in their acting careers. Indeed, there is no question this is going to be big! So, watch out for ‘Mano Po Legacy: The Flower Sisters’ to have its nationwide premiere soon on GMA Network. Be the first to learn all the information, latest and breaking news with anything and everything about ‘Mano Po Legacy: The Flower Sisters’ here in the official website of Regal Entertainment, Inc. 


Aileen Domingo


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