Unique Selfie poses by Mika Reins to spice up your Instagram feed (Summer Edition)

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by Gillian Bilgera

Bored of the plain repetitive smiling poses on your Instagram feed? Do not worry, cause Mika Reins is here to save the day! The supermodel Mika is here to tell you that there are several unique selfies poses to try and share tips on how to spice up your Instagram feed.

For this pose, try sitting down and placing your phone downward, then put your arms on your shoulder to give that triangle angle look.

If you have long arms like Mika, this pose is definitely for you! Raise your phone upwards, then lay down to flaunt your body, or you can also do this to show your outfit looks.

Another pose from Mika to show off your long arms. Place your phone on the ground, extend your arms, and do whatever pose you want.

Flaunt your glowing summer look with this selfie pose. Look for a place where the sun hits your face to show off your summer skin, and shades are optional, but they can do so much for your look if you plan to spice up your Instagram summer feed.

Not only the sun but the wind can also be your best friend! Try sitting down and placing your phone on a low angle, then show off your summer nails. Shades and caps are also your best friend if it’s too sunny.

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