Watch these Highlights from Mano Po Legacy the Flower Sisters of Kayla (Mika Reins) that gained over thousands of views!

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Admit it or not! We love Kayla in the Mano Po Legacy the Flower Sisters!

That time when she overspent on her stepmom’s credit card!

Ooooh! That’s one mean girl we want to party with!

The little matchmaker setting her auntie and Kenneth Chan up!

The bestie we all needed!

That time when her stepmom felt unwell, and she was just curious!

That time when she had a little banter with her stepmom but underneath it, she’s just concerned about her!

There was also a time when we had a whole fookien scene and it felt like we we’re watching a Chinese drama!

Last but not the least, the ending scene that made us cry because she was ready to accept and move on with her dad!

Catch Mika Reins on her first Regal Studio Presents episode this Sunday 4:35PM with Kimson Tan, in an episode directed by Xion Lim!

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